i know this might be jumping the gun a bit since you've only just released two songs and nothing officially, but am i right to presume a tour will start in february? the last time you were supposed to play in portland steve got sick so your half of the gig was canceled, very sad! so i'm thinking you owe portland a show up front and also on the back end of the tour....

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Chibi, I can't give deets till it's all confirmed... but we're planning on touring a LOT in 2010. I spent ages on the phone today about this and I'm actually starting to get pretty excited. we all are. We miss the craziness of the road.

And ya.. I have a giant IOU on the fridge for Portland. I won't forget ;)
will keep ya posted
I think you should bring De Novo Dahl back along. I know it won't happen but wishful thinking is always good.
ya De Novo Dahl are great - their last record is crazy under rated.
word! de novo dahl was great. i've been happy with all of the openers so far. i can't wait to find out dates so i can circle them on the calendar. i need to get my passport renewed so i can catch some shows in bc!
De Novo Dahl makes me sad :( They acted like they were gonna tour Florida. LIARS! (don't mind me, I'm just cyincal).
Any chance you could come back to Ithaca, NY? Saw you at Cornell a year or so ago, it was a great show!

I mean they just released a couple of songs and you just released a couple of songs, I think a tour with you two should happen again. :D
Please, don't forget Germany! Especially the southern part. Your new songs are great!
Yeah go to Ithaca, I will drive myself there, to see another show.
I really hope that Las Vegas is on your list for the tour... I have been waiting to see you guys for a long time! I have convinced all of my friends that you guys are the most entertaining concert that they will ever go to!

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