Where should Hot Hot Heat start there next tour.
i say start at Cleveland and make thier way to LA

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Tours not Tous
Shiz go to Cleaveland and Columbus, and Buffalo, NY. I'll make sure to rent a hotel for OH. I want to see HHH a good amount of times this year. 4 years is way too long.
true dat
portland, oregon! i said it in a different discussion but you owe us an extra show because your last gig here was canceled when steve got sick. so you should open AND close the tour in portland.
El Paso, Texas, please with sugar on top, would be great!
Dudes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tour in the UK, prefrebly London :D:D:D
Arcata, California
It's a nice little rest stop when you're making your way between Portland and San Francisco!
It's a small town, but we get a lot of big acts stopping by anyway.
:D Last year Built to Spill played the Humboldt State University Parking Lot :D
I'm just saying it would be super convenient and super awesome.

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