Oh, Goddamnit Aveda. It's So So Cold in This Town and you're Naked in the City Again. Shame On You. You Owe Me An IOU otherwise I'll Implosionatic Times A Thousand all over your Dirty Mouth. Jedidiah.

Wow... that was unnecessarily long and a little sketch towards the end, huh?
I wish I could convey this concept more accurately through the discussion title, but at least I caught your attention. And here we are...
:D It happens to everyone (CCR's famous Bathroom on the Right and Weird Al's Smells Like Nirvana) and


of some hilarious misinterpreted lyrics that our beloved band Hot Hot Heat is guilty of.
It may be like in Mental Beast (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykTspigQ4gg) where you just like your version of the lyrics better or maybe you sincerely believe you heard something else. I'll divulge my two favourite examples as soon as two other people post theirs.

Get active Hot Hot Heaters of Heatland!!
(lmao, I crack-cocaine myself up)

We're a surprisingly delightful and fun fan base if you reach out TALK to one another (Anyone remember the Hot Hot Holiday Card exchange of 2008?)  

PS. Crack Cocaine is an illegal drug. Possession, transportation, and use of Crack Cocaine is illegal within the United States and Canada. If you or someone you know would like to... and now I really have to write that paper. Just know that drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

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I can't seem to think of anything at the moment >_> But I know there are plenty of instances with me, lol. I remember a particular instance with either 'Let Me In' or 'So So Cold' back in the day but they aren't coming to mind!
Oh man, you have to remember to give me full credit for that Hot Hot Holiday Card exchange. I kinda missed mailing stuff to you guys last year, and, Ashley, I still have your "Hot Hot Heat in Space!" drawing you sent me.

Another thing, how have I not seen this Mental Beast video!? Oy, Imma gonna have to put this on Facebook. Teehee.

I can't think of a song at the moment that stands out in particular, but I know I have done it; I've just realized some random lyric on "When It All Comes Down" that I thought was just Steve making random vocal additives or vocal slurs lol, but, other than that, it's mostly where I just can't keep up with his syncopated lyrics that I have a tendency to just mumble a randome blurb when I sing along.
I feel like there's something in "Let Me In" too!!!!! I've been racking my brain all day!
And April is 100% to thank for the card exchange :D We should do it again this year :)

So my two are:
1) "Ban the Jizz" which becomes particularly hilarious when he goes on to say "Up and down on my legs and my arms from you" XD
2) Roughly around 1:04ish to 1:07ish on Goddess on the Prairie... Just listen to that excerpt (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXtCvfC9SDk) I swear, the first couple times I listened to it before I knew the lyrics it made me BLUSH!!!! Can anyone else guess what I thought I heard? O__O" Just so I know I'm not a crazy pervert.
Lol, you're on your own on that.
Survey says!
I'm crazy.
Just the moral booster I need at 10:41 at night in the University library. *rolls her eyes*
Hee hee hee.

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