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Handsome Furs *drools* Those bastards didn't come further south than Atlanta. But I can forgive since Dan is a god and all.

I don't know the others though.

Hmm...I'd say The Bravery or if HHH is feelin fiesty, please go grab Natalie Portman's Shaved Head (I can't see them coming to the East Coast anytime soon ;-;), bring The Deadly Syndrome for the entire country (not just CA like last time), Black Kids (only because they are local bwhaha), SUNBEARS! (like that'd ever happen, I can dream)...idk. I still would pick The Bravery as my #1 choice.

As long as they don't go on tour with Green Day, though, I'll be very happy! :D
Yes, I'm talking about YOU Franz Ferdinand *cough*bullshit*cough*
ahahaha jukebox the ghost...because my close friend dated the boy. no, because they're very nice. and delta spirit, i concur.

OR sea wolf, yeee yahhh (ditto on the twilight fans comment, though, yikesss)
I love Sea Wolf. Not sure it would work out for the opening act though.
Black Kids, De Novo Dahl, and Hot Hot Heat. I would die of over excitement.
SEA WOLF ;-; Only came as far south as Atlanta. Grr. Sea Wolf = major love. Cept I think HE is on the Twilight sountrack too.
Young Indian Outlaw would make for a great opener.
Opened for Louis XIV last year in Dallas under the name 'The Vibes'.
Lot's of energy, made for a great show.
Damn him for selling out. As long as it isn't my favorite Sea Wolf song ruined I'm good.
Dude, if Black Kids toured with Hot Hot Heat I'd pee my pants a thousand times over. I've seen Black Kids almost as many times as Hot Hot Heat haha.
these are all good replies - we will try to make some of these happen!! thx guys... keep em coming
De Novo Dahl and Black Kids!
You better :K *cough*THE BRAVERY*cough*

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